TRADEVEST LOGISTICS operates our Fleet Brokerage Division from the Strand, Western Cape.

We are the “middle man” between a shipper and trucking company, also referred to as third party transportation providers.

We have two kinds of clients:

The company that secures our services to transport their goods
The truck fleet owner who operates nationally and cross-border and who turns to and depends on Tradevest Logistics for full loads
We use highly sophisticated fleet management software. We track the movement of each truck to the extent that we know where every truck and your valuable cargo is, whether the truck is rolling or stationary, etc.

This management software enables us to provide accurate arrival and off-loading times to our clients.

Our well-trained fleet operators provide updates on estimated times of arrivals (ETAs).
Tradevest Logistics Cargo Transport
Tradevest Logistics Warehousing Solutions


TRADEVEST LOGISTICS runs trucks on all the national roads of South Africa. We provide a non-stop bulk-load carrier service between Cape Town and Johannesburg/Gauteng.

Our network of trucks run on routes connecting all South Africa’s provincial capitals.

We also deliver bulk consignments to neighbouring states such as Swaziland, Botswana and Mozambique.

For the last seventeen years, Tradevest Logistics has been an industry leader, working with companies such as ABInBev (SAB), Coca Cola, TSB Sugar, Hullets, and various other blue-chip companies.


TRADEVEST LOGISTICS provides the following warehouse services:

  • The short-term storage of items e.g. from boats to citrus to wine which we collect on agreed dates or which we will deliver to a final destination, as agreed.
  • Clients can build consignments from 1 pallet (minimum) to 34 pallets (the maximum load) as we are in the business of moving pallets
  • Small loads which we collect from companies to build and consolidate full loads for transport to, for example, Guateng or Durban or to neighbouring countries
The warehouse can be expanded in size, if demand for warehousing exceeds space.
Tradevest Logistics Fleet Management
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