Transport Pallets
In October 2019, I received a referral from one of my colleagues requesting a quote to take 29 000 citrus trees from Citrusdal to 65km across the Zimbabwe border, to a citrus farmer. It was urgent, for the trees were stacked outside in the blazing sun and were busy drying out. It was reported that the transport operator that was arranged to collect and deliver the trees, let them down and cancelled their trucks.

Within an hour the customer received a quotation and it was accepted. We realised we had to jump into action for the trees will die if it is not delivered as soon as possible. Cross border documentation was prepared and sent to a clearing agency on the Beitbridge border.
Three trucks were prepared and dispatched - within 24 hours sent to Citrusdal- to load.

After the trees were loaded, the drivers were tracked through NETSTAR TRACKING DECIVES, which are installed in all our vehicles. Additional CAB Cameras are also installed on our trucks and trailers which enables the fleet controllers to have a visual image of the driver as well as trailer/ load tampering and diesel theft. We can track signs of driver fatigue, unlawful texting on the road as well as the regular management of safety belt usage and passenger pickups which is NOT allowed.

All these measures are taken to ensure safety. We commit to minimise the safety risks of both drivers and the public on the roads. We believe it is our responsibility to train our drivers to become responsible road users. Our policies and procedures clearly stipulate our commitment to road safety.

Our insurance broker was notified of delivery of goods cross border. They confirmed that 100% GOODS IN TRANSIT insurance cover was in place.

The customer was notified on a regular basis on the progress of the loads. Delivery of the trees was executed within three days.

We gained the trust of a new customer and delivered as promised. TRADEVEST LOGISTICS values of on-time delivery and truthful, honest reporting to our customers by all employees were uphold. Trust and commitment are our corner stones.

Transport Pallets
We are serious about safety!
Because 85% of road accidents happen due to fatigue, speeding and texting while driving, Tradevest Logistics have CAB CAMS on all of our trucks and trailers, which are monitored on a 24-hour basis, so that we can minimise the chance of injury or damage to our clients and other road users.
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